There is someone else on here who is pretending to be you, and he is messing with a girl on here while doing so. His URL is "drakechristopherhenning" and he's messing with a girl pretending he's you so that she will like him. I just thought I should let you know. <3 you're amazing.

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Huh…  That’s pretty shallow of him.  Relationships should be built on honesty and trust and lying to someone to gain their affection is really lame.  Thanks for letting me know. <3 Oh and you’re amazinger.

Ill i have to show for being apart of the catchingyourclouds fandom is a violin piece based off of Simply Perfect (which was hard as frickity frack)

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Can I hear it :D That sounds amazing

Hi drake! Okay so first, I have a short story for you. So the other day, I had free time during P.E. It just so happened that I had my guitar with me. I sat on the stage in my school gym and played lawl while singing with my friend. It was really fun, we both love your music. My question is, how do you write songs? I'm an aspiring musician, and I'm having a hard time putting music and lyrics together.

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Thanks for learning to play my song and I bet it sounded beautiful. :D  And the songwriting process for me is a bit complicated to explain.  I usually write out short “stories” relative to the plot or experience of what I’m writing, and then break them down into verses, choruses, etc.

do you have a fanmail address? i drew a poster for the Rawr With Me album cover and i wanted to send it to ya ^.^

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I’m gonna be opening a new one again eventually x)  Sorry I”m so slow haha